Air Gear: Simca

Simca is the leader of the Genesis group from Air Gear. She wants to gather all the Kings and their Regalia in order to conquer the Trophaeum Tower and acquire the Sky Regalia. She takes a great interest in Ikki who has practically idolized her after watching her ride AT through his neighborhood. Despite protests, she convinces Ikki to take the Storm Rider team Genesis under his leadership after Kogarasumaru's triumph over Behemoth, and her interactions with Ikki eventually draws the ire of the new Sleeping Forest team, led by Noyamano Ringo.

KashinoRei over on DeviantArt has such a great Simca cosplay - how could I not show it off? Her fantastic outfit paired with ABtheDiablo's beautiful photography makes for an flawless picture, full of emotion and action.

Great job to both of you! Please, check them out!

Disagree? Think you have a better Simca cosplayer? Want to suggest a cosplayer for tomorrow's post? Leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail!


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