SoCal Cosplay Picnic 2010 (Part 1 - Asst. Pictures 1-30)

Disclaimer: If you are one of the cosplayer(s) featured here and would like to post these pictures elsewhere, I would appreciate credit! If you post on DeviantArt, please link back to my dA account (destined2rock). If you post on CosCom, please use 59451 as the photographer number.

Ah, the SoCal Cosplay Picnic, 2010, at Craig National Park.

This has to have been one of my favorite cosplay picnics to date. The weather was great as was the location and everything was so well-organized. There were so many locations to take pictures and so many great costumes to take pictures of!

I'm splitting these pictures into multiple posts just to make it easier on me (so I don't go blind from code!) and easier on your computers (I'm going to be hiding the pictures and you can just click the link to bring them up).

This post will be assorted pictures that I took. If I didn't take more than a few pictures of you, it's probably going to be here or in the next post! :D

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