Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Yoko Littner

Yoko Littner (ヨーコ・リットナー, Yōko Rittonā?), the series' lead female character, is a young woman from the village of Littner. She has considerable combat experience even before her chance meeting with Kamina and Simon. In Episode 1 a Gunmen crashes through the roof of Giha village and prepares to attack the populace when Yoko, who has been tracking the Gunmen, rappels down a cliff whilst firing her electromagnetic rifle. Her solo attack disables the Gunmen, giving Kamina and the villagers time to seek safety. Kamina, however, chooses instead to make advances at Yoko and initially diminishes her combat qualifications on the grounds of being a woman, yet acknowledges "that lady's spunk".

This is a beautiful shot, taken by the talented jenjenplum! While it doesn't show off too much of the costume, you can still see a bit of the construction on the gun... This great cosplay was brought to us by Malindachan.

Malindachan, most commonly known for her Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplays (which is what I was told to expect when I ventured to her page upon the suggestion of a closer friend), also has many other fantastic cosplays, this one being one of them! I had initially planned on using a more well-known cosplay but this one stood out to me.

Here's another great picture that shows off a little bit more construction on the outfit and the gun.

Many thanks to Malindachan for this picture as well as the first one, and thank you to Icolor4fun for grabbing this shot.

Check out her many cosplays either on DeviantArt or Cosplay.com (all with the same name!)

Disagree? Think you have a better Yoko cosplayer? Want to suggest a cosplayer for tomorrow's post? Leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail!


Ashley said...

Her wig is fantastic!

Leslie Rene said...

I know! Here's what she says about it:

"I used two wigs (one for the base, another for the ponytail). For the ponytail, I use a paper mache egg that I got at the craft store, and sealed it into the longer wig before sewing it to the shorter wig. The shorter wig was cut and styled first, and instead of pulling the hair up and stubbing it, I just pulled it into a low ponytail (the tail and hair tie are actually covered in the back by the neck warmer thingy). The wig itself is SO back-heavy because of the ponytail, and I had to try a lot of things to get it to stay on. The one thing that worked out great was the flexible comb I sewed into the front of it. It's the main thing that keeps it on my head XD"

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