SoCal Cosplay Picnic: IkkiXRingo

Disclaimer: If you are one of the cosplayer(s) featured here and would like to post these pictures elsewhere, I would appreciate credit! If you post on DeviantArt, please link back to my dA account (destined2rock). If you post on CosCom, please use 59451 as the photographer number.

Kyle and Sarah

ShadowBro88 on dA
Kurustein on dA.

I love Kyle and Sarah. :3 They're two of my favorite people. Kyle's cosplying Ikki and Sarah's cosplaying a (very casual) Ringo [her words].

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Totally OOC...

Why do my friends enjoy flipping me off... :<

Dramatic Gopher...? o_o

Nose-picking is contagious, apparently.


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