D.Gray-Man: Lavi

Ah, Lavi, everybody's favorite giant hammer swinging exorcist! :D Lavi is a cheerful red-haired Exorcist of mixed race, who aims to become a Bookman and is working along the Black Order just to be close to the events that must be seen. He has an incredible memory: he is able to memorize every single aspect of something he's seen. He is 18 years old, and normally uses his left eye while the right eye is covered by an eye-patch (no one knows what his right eye looks like, because he hasn't revealed it yet).

RaiLover43's picture captures Lavi's serious side very well. While a little over-edited for my taste and lacking a background (the bright red stopsign in the background is killing me) it's a beautiful outfit and a great shot.

Photography Credit goes to Astachan over on DeviantArt.

And because I couldn't pick between my two favorites, here's another one!

NsomniaksDream has a great shot of Lavi as well. He's missing his scarf but the background is nice and the angle is brilliant.

Photographer Credit goes to NsomniaksDream's friend Kevin!

Disagree? Think you have a better Lavi cosplayer? Want to suggest a cosplayer for tomorrow's post? Leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail!


Ashley said...

What lovely Lavis! I approve! :D

Leslie Rene said...

Awesome! I'm glad you like them - they're definitely my favorites.

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