SoCal Cosplay Picnic: Scorpion/Kitana

Disclaimer: If you are one of the cosplayer(s) featured here and would like to post these pictures elsewhere, I would appreciate credit! If you post on DeviantArt, please link back to my dA account (destined2rock). If you post on CosCom, please use 59451 as the photographer number.

A fantastic Scorpion and Kitana Cosplayer!

The first half of this is all the pictures of the Scorpion and closer to the end is when Kitana joins in.

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I edited this picture quite a bit. If you can tell what I edited out/in, I'll give you a cookie. ;)

I edited this one as well. ;)


Anonymous said...

Idk who the Kitana cosplayer is, but Scorpion is Seijin:

I know this because he has an awesome WoW bloodfang rogue cosplay that I keep referring back to as I create my own :P

Awesome pictures btw. I really like the first one with Seijin in the tree. The chain and everything looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh wtf the other pictures didn't load properly until I posted. Of course. They're awesome btw. What kinda camera are you using?

Leslie Rene said...

I used a Nikon D50 with a 70-300 High Power Zoom Lens. :3 Snorri's mom's camera, haha. It's soooo nice.

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